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Technical work
Our Growth

Midwest Tape experienced 20 consecutive years of growth and we’re not done yet.

Midwest Tape is a full-service media distributor, working exclusively with public libraries since 1989. Everything we do is centered in creating value for libraries to service their patrons.

International Expansion

Building on Midwest Tape’s 30+ year presence in the U.S. and Canada, hoopla is going global. In 2021, hoopla expanded to Australia and New Zealand, bringing digital media in six formats to the palms of Libraries and their members. We continue to seek new markets for expansion and anticipate more announcements in 2022.

Technology Advancements

We recently embarked on a technology transformation that leverages best practices in agile software development to bring versatility and agility to our processes to meet the evolving needs of public libraries today. This transformation has helped our team make significant strides in advancing our offerings, including projects like eCommerce platform expansion for both our physical and digital customers, as well as hoopla advancements like a new audiobook experience, adding audiobooks to our Roku experience, and integrating hoopla with Android Auto. And our development roadmap is robust with plenty more advancements on the horizon. Explore our TechTalk blog to learn more about our latest technological advancements. 

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